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exploring the basis of our hope


Foundations is a free video series that explores the landmark beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Faith and fosters small group discussion. Grounded upon the key foundational truth that Jesus is our Salvation, we’ll also explore the other 5 S’s of Adventism–the Sabbath, the State of the Dead, the Second Coming, the Sanctuary, and the Spirit of Prophecy.

Foundations episode 1 will release on Wednesday, September 29. If you would like to be a premiere church or small group, fill out the form below to register. After premiering, episodes will remain available to access.

How to use this series

This series was created to “explore” together. Here are some recommended ways that you can use this series!

In your church service

Setup round tables in your worship space or auditorium. Play the video during your service, then the Pastor or church leader can moderate each explore question from the front with a few minutes for the tables to discuss with each other. In the series helpers link below, you’ll find slides with the explore questions for use in your service. Following each discussion, encourage a few people to share with an open mic. 

Be sure to print out the included Bible studies and discussion guides so participants can take notes and study further at home!

If you would like to use this method, videos are available for download. Just email us at with a request for a download link.

In a small group

Wherever your small group meets, just make sure you have a TV or screen available. Play the video then the group leader can use the leader guide for questions to spur conversation around these topics. In the series helpers link below, you’ll find slides with the explore questions for use in your small group. You can then have participants study the Bible study guide throughout the week, or make each episode a 2-week study and use the Bible study guide in your group setting.

If you don’t have internet access and need to download the videos, email us at with a request for a download link.

Individually, or with a Friend or Seeker

Whether you would like to use this series for your own personal growth, or to share with a friend or someone seeking answers, just use your phone, tablet, or computer to watch the series. Be sure to use the additional resources to continue to explore these topics.

Another way that you can bless others with these videos is by sharing them on social media. Just share posts from our Foundations Series Facebook, or send a message with our website (

If you are using this series in a church service or small group, click the following link to download advertisements, explore question slides, and leader guides.

Episode 1

Releases on September 29

Although the centrality of Jesus is presented throughout this series, Pastor Ruben Ramos introduces THE main foundation of our hope in episode 1.

Releases on October 6

In this episode, Pastor Ray Pichette unpacks the hope that we find in the Second Coming of Jesus.

Additional Resources Coming Soon

Episode 2
Second Coming

Episode 3

Releases October 13

Brickell is a busy part of Miami. It’s an easy place to drown in your work. It’s a poignant location to learn about this important subject.

Additional Resources Coming Soon

Releases October 20

In this episode, Pastor Manny Gomez opens up to how he grappled with the death of his Abeulo (grandfather) and how he was able to hold onto hope in Jesus.

Additional Resources Coming Soon

Episode 4
State of the dead

Episode 5
Spirit of prophecy

Releases October 27

In a world full of noise, how do we find direction? From the streets of South Beach, Pastor Kendall Turcios explores how we can have clarity in a world of ambiguity.

Additional Resources Coming Soon

Releases November 3

It is sometimes thought of as a complicated topic, yet Pastor Julie MacLafferty simplifies the Sanctuary through a suspenseful, yet touching, story. 

Additional Resources Coming Soon

Episode 6

From the creators...

It started with a Spirit-driven idea and God brought a team together from the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. With a small production budget for basic equipment and willing hearts, Javier Diaz (Director) asked Pastor Alex Voigt (Producer, Cinematographer, & Editor) to join in the vision, and 6 additional willing pastors jumped in to write & narrate the series. It is our prayer that God will take the little we have on offer, and make it into a tool for building His’ Kingdom!

We thank everyone who participated and supported the making of this series.


Javier Diaz

Field Ministerial Associate, Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Series Director


Alexander Voigt

Pastor, LifeSpring Adventist Church

Series Producer, Cameraman, & Editor


Ruben Ramos

Pastor, LifePoint Christian Fellowship

Writer & Presenter - Episode 1


Ray Pichette

Pastor, East Pasco SDA Church

Writer & Presenter - Episode 2


Ruben Joseph

Pastor, New Generation SDA Church & North Miami Beach SDA Church

Writer & Presenter - Episode 3

Manny Gomez-01

Manny Gomez

Pastor, Revive SDA Church

Writer & Presenter - Episode 4


Kendall Turcios

Pastor, Arise SDA Church

Writer & Presenter - Episode 5


Julie MacLafferty

Connections Pastor, Forest Lake SDA Church

Writer & Presenter - Episode 6